Infrastructure 100% ownex with modern facilities in Brasilia

When your company decides to invest in an ERP system management or commercial application, automatically a consolidated structure of network servers becomes necessary, to house your system and database.

These features depend on continued investment to be kept, just makes sense to concern to seek a specialized solution. The only way to reduce costs by increasing the safety.

When hiring a solution Datacenter, all the more complex needs related to IT park are resolved.

Hardware state, providing better infrastructure, its application has environment that includes microcontroller power supply, redundant cooling system, high availability Internet , backup in a safe and effective storage for non-stop in extreme situations.

In addition to simplifying the computer support your business, the monthly cost is established according to every need, much lower than the maintenance of a similar structure in your company.

Our Datacenter has dual system of fire protection, using the most modern Xtrallis Vesda suction sensor in conjunction with photosensors in loop, and the clean agent Novec 3M, all integrated to the central Honeywell Notifier.

DDoS protection

Neutralizing threats and DDoS attacks is included in all services within our data center. volumetric attacks, reflection, exhaust in any method and magnitude are detected automatically mitigated. Are 3 independent and dedicated systems protection, updated daily.

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