Registration data
Data records and contacts of the company will only be changed, when notified by the legal representative of the company;

Control panel
Any request, must be notified by e-mail or the company and qualified and identified by the company;

Equipment features are provisioned by the customer; Management and operation of software, passwords and accesses made exclusively by the client;

Games are not allowed, Desktop applications or gaming servers, either SPAM or unlicensed programs or in violation of national laws or that endangers the integrity of the network by introducing passive or active viruses or destructive incursions by hackers and other intruders, and to assert the spread of piracy or any techniques considered illegal. Failure to comply with this item is considered due to contractual termination motivated by customer.

Link dedicated server with symmetrical N megabits (see contract); Servers located in data center itself in Brasilia-DF, Brazil; Firewall with redundant network interface; Monitoring 365 days a year, 24 hour; Fiber optic connectivity with independent transit ; Self BGP routing.

Uninterruptible Power Supply stabilized monitored by smart circuit; Digital Sine UPS module with extended autonomy; Automatic Generator;

Physical Security
Data Center monitored by closed circuit TV; Access to the data center and adjacent areas controlled and restricted; Access with biometrics authentication system; Physical security against unauthorized access and interference from the external environment; Alarm system for detecting open ports; Monitoring of internal and external environments; Cooling room 21 º C for independent dual redundant system; Permanent digital control of temperature and humidity environments;

Logic Safety
Monitoring network traffic in real time; Response to unauthorized activity in real time; Centralized management of remote sensors; Integration with routers, firewalls, e-mail and SMS applications; Integration with system management; Remote Storage for backup storage;